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If you’ve never experienced true depression, you wouldn’t wish it on your worst enemy. It is darkness inside of you that you cannot get away from or talk yourself out of (Dr. John Townsend, 2005). He goes on to say, I do believe that God is enough to meet all our needs and solve all our struggles. However, the Bible teaches that God has designed us to not only open up to Him and His love but also to people who will be kind and safe with us.

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True forgiveness-- begins with oneself.  The Bible is silent on the subject of forgiving oneself, but there were implications of forgiveness behavior toward oneself, in the scriptures.

In order to forgive others, we need to first come to terms with how and why we reacted the way we did and what we can to to ensure that we do not repeat the same behavior in the future.  Self-forgiveness is both a beneficial part of the forgiveness process and a necessary skill in learning to overcome being upset with ourselves. (Luskin, 2002)

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